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Online marketing helps you build

Brand Preference

Creating a desire for your brand over others within the same industry. Convincing your potential customers that you are the most popular choice.

Brand Relevance

Becoming a highly relevant brand, coming across the market as the obvious choice. Making clients think you’re exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Brand Personality

Being consistent across all online fronts: website, social, newsletter etc. Delivering the same message wherever your clients are.

Online Reputation Management

When it first comes to your mind it’s probably a good to know. When you give it a second thought it’s probably too late and you already face a disagreeable situation and potentially costly. It’s so easy for both individuals and businesses to think their reputation is safe, until the day they find it negatively impacted by what is said about them online.

We help you keep your reputation clean

It’s less likely to have the author of a negative post that appear on Google to remove it after a negative experience with an individual or a business. But eventually we can bury it under positive mentions or neutral social profiles. First step in recovering from this unpleasant situation is identifying all the keywords the negative posts appear for, a personal name, a company name or variations of the name, and their current positions in the SERPs.

Optimizing the top-tier social profiles is next, making sure they include the target keywords. Profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, they have the potential to rank high on Google and we have to exploit this potential by optimizing them for the target keywords. Second-tier social profiles might help flooding the SERP helping downgrade the negative mentions, as some of them have high domain authority and the potential to quickly appear in the SERPs.

We help you become a contributor for high-profile sites that accept guest contributions. Posts published on these authoritative domains will include your keywords in the title so they will start ranking. Plus, in every post you contribute to authoritative domains there will be links to your social profiles, boosting the authority of these profiles and improving their rankings.

Mentions on social media are also important. Some of them might be already in a, let’s say, favorable position, on the second or the third page of the search results, for example. We identify them, asses the opportunity to improve the online reputation while having them on the first page and decide which ones need a quick boost in ranking. Multimedia presence is also important. Google for example gives high rankings to YouTube videos and Google Images. We use them to create and promote images using your name or company name as they take a significant portion of the search results page.

A clean reputation must be a continuous objective. This is why online reputation management must be an integral part of the digital marketing strategy. Preemptively flooding the search engines with positive mentions of your brand name or personal name can keep negative mentions from seeing the light of day on SERPs. There will always be a customer who will complain about you or your business. Don’t find yourself in a PR crisis, don’t let your business suffer from the negative posts about you on the internet, take action before it might impact you.

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