Google’s recent decision to integrate Twitter content to its search engine listings is now fully effective. Tweets started showing along with natural links given the search included a hashtag and a location. See below screenshots of SERPs on both mobile and desktop searches. Including trending tweets might look like pulling back Google’s commitment to Google Plus. Our opinion is this is not the case. It’s clear since long before the G+ is not able to compete with Facebook as initially aimed but Google Plus has now new directions in the giant’s plans. But shall it be a strong reason to believe the speculations Google might acquire Twitter in the future?

twitter on google

Tweets first appeared on Google mobile search and apps in May 2015 with desktop listings integration in August, making social sharing a proeminent feature for online advertising. The space offered to Twitter is not so big, it’s a one box display on both mobile and desktop, with horizontal scrolling in order to see more trending tweets beyond the one displayed by default.